What food and refreshments do you provide?

You’ll be greeted by coffee, juice and fresh pastries when step board.  There’s a self-service cooler on deck stocked with bottled water, ice tea and soft drinks.  At lunch time we’ll anchor in a quiet bay where you will be served appetizers and drinks in the shaded cockpit while a sit-down lunch is set out below in the main salon.  We pride ourselves in using locally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients.  At the time of booking advise us of any food allergies so that we can try to accommodate you (48 hour notice required).

Complimentary wine and imported beer served with a wedge of lime is available throughout the day.  After we dinghy ashore for our beach exploration a snack is also served.

When we have young children as guests we also stock age appropriate snacks like apple slices and straw cheese and if it’s a birthday or some other important occasion, be sure to let us know beforehand.

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