What will I see?

Your experience will start right at our dock nestled against the mangroves on the edge of 10,000 Islands National Estuarine Preserve. Frequently in the morning there are fresh racoon prints on TropicBird’s deck. Mangrove crabs scuttle across the dock, ospreys reel overhead and sometimes in the warmer months curious Manatees surface nearby.

As we head out civilization is quickly left behind. Ahead lies a maze of pristine islands stretching into Everglades National Park and all the way to the Florida Keys. .

Every trip is different but we can promise you beautiful views and refreshing sea breezes. We’ll see dolphins, scudding clouds, plunging brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, perhaps magnificent frigate birds and bald eagles as well as an assortment of Florida’s some 30 species of wading birds. In warmer months if we’re lucky we might even encounter manatees or spot a sea turtle.

In your own personal adventure, we’ll explore the back channels and the plant and animal communities of barrier islands, choosing our own island to dinghy ashore where we’ll investigate life in the intertidal zone, look for shells and perhaps encounter racoons foraging in the surf line or spot stingrays cruising the beach.

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