Allan & Barbara from Naples

If you are looking for something completely different from the standard boat trips on offer then we cannot recommend sailing with TropicBird highly enough. From the moment we stepped aboard we were treated as honored Guests by Captain Patrick and ‘First Mate’ Martha.

What sets this charter apart is that the Guests set the agenda. As it happens we were interested in a relaxing sail combined with the opportunity to observe some of the wildlife and scenery in Ten Thousand Islands. TropicBird and Captain Patrick delivered and how!

We hadn’t sailed in a catamaran before but as inexperienced sailors we immediately noticed the boat’s stability and I can see why it would be perfect for families, even with small children. There is a large sunbathing area as well as plenty of shade, and berths for those younger travelers who might need an afternoon nap. Perfect if some of the party are less enthusiastic naturalists than others.

Bearing in mind the trip is a whole day, that lunch and drinks are included, plus the personal attention of a Master Naturalist, it is good value and I promise will be one of the highlights of your vacation.